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Below, we sincerely hope you find the cross-section of informative references collected during our research will broaden your awareness regarding the inexhaustive nature of pure water to stimulate, promote, embrace and sustain your body to heal and feel better every day.

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Soda Pop Liquid Candy E-Book Free download (pdf File)
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Liquid Candy - How Soft Drinks Are Harming Americans' Health

The Flouride Water DeceptionIn an extremely well written and tightly researched book, journalist, Christopher Bryson, "The Fluoride Deception" unearths the mystery of how a grim workplace poison and the most damaging environmental pollutant of the cold war was added to our drinking water and toothpaste. It reads like a whodunit. The book can be purchased from Amazon.com.

IToxic Fluoride in Watern another well researched book, "Fluoride: Drinking Ouselves To Death?", the author Barry Groves, has assembled evidence refuting the claims that fluoridation of water is for the prevention of tooth decay. The chemicals used are classified as toxic industrial waste, yet no study has ever been conducted into their safety for human consumption. Research has now uncovered serious side effects including deaths, cancer, skeletal fluorosis, osteoporosis, dementia, lowered IQ and kidney damage. Only 2 percent of the people of Western Europe have their water fluoridated - almost all of them within Britain and Ireland. The dental organizations, despite the evidence of serious health side effects, continue to lobby governments to compel everyone to ingest fluoride. The book can be found at Amazon.com.

Chlorine In WaterDr. Joseph Price, a medical doctor, wrote a fascinating book in the late 1960's entitled "Coronaries/Cholesterol/Chlorine". He states, "The basic cause of arteriosclerosis, heart attacks and most forms of strokes is chlorine. The chlorine contained in processed water." The origin of heart disease is akin to the origin of cancer. Both can be linked to chlorine. Dr. Price has long held that the chlorine in our drinking water - not the cholesterol in our food - is the major cause of coronary disease. After reading this book, you'll never bathe in or drink unfiltered 'tap water' again. The book is quite expensive, but can be found at Amazon.com

Fluoride In Drinking Water - Book CoverThe book, "FLUORIDE IN DRINKING WATER" reviews research on various health effects from exposure to fluoride, including studies conducted in the last 10 years. A must read for anyone with fluoridated municipal water supplies. One of the most complete and scholarly books on this matter concerning - THE GREATEST HEALTH FRAUD EVER PUSHED ON THE UNSUSPECTING AMERICAN PUBLIC FOR THE LAST 65+ YEARS. The book can be found at Amazon.com

Dr. Emoto BookWritten for a wide range of audiences, "The True Power of Water: Healing and Discovering Ourselves" by Dr. Masaru Emoto, explains how he has used his enerigized water, which he calls "hado" to treat various health conditions. Based upon his discovery that water has a memory, in this book you will learn the unique properties of water and its ability to improve your health and your life. The contained information will open a new world to you, and can be found at Amazon.com

Murder By Injection Book Written by the expert reseacher Eustace Mullins; "Murder by Injection" is one of the most significant books in the 20th century. In light of the highly controversial 'Obama Care' legislation, this book is a must-read for all Americans. It will open your eyes to the true medical community and how it came to be the nightmare that it is!! Chapter 5 is devoted to the Fluoridation conspiracy.
While there are many books on the corruption of modern medicine, there is no other book out there that so effectively tells the whole story as does this seminal volume, laying bare the criminal machinations of those who profit in the name of promoting good health. The federal bureaucracy that ostensibly regulates the big drug companies is all part and parcel of the problem. Please view the associated video further down on this page.
The book can be found at Amazon.com, or we offer a free download of the book (pdf File)  Download Murder by Injection

Your Body's Many Cries For Water In his best known work, Dr. Batmanghelidj outlines his medical breakthrough that if we drank more clean water daily, degenerative diseases such as Asthma, diabetes, obesity, hypertension, heart disease, Alzheimer's and many other afflictions could be prevented and sometimes cured. Based on his extensive research, the book puts forth the conclusion "You're Not Sick, You Are Thirsty! Don't Treat Thirst With Medications!"  The book can be found at Amazon.com, or we offer a free download of the book (pdf File)  Download Murder by Injection

The Secret of Water For the Children of the WorldThe Secret of Water: For the Children of the World - Entertaining and educational, this delightful and beautifully illustrated children's book from the best selling author Dr. Masaru Emoto teaches young readers about the importance of water, how to use it, and its direct relationship to living things. Filled with enchanting photographs, this book offers an understanding of water that will encourage parents and children alike to value our most precious resource. The book can be found at Amazon.com.

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News Articles...

March 16, 2015 - Collective-Evolution
New Study Links Water Fluoridation To Hypothyroidism

March 15, 2015 - NaturalSociety
24,000 Chemicals May Be Tainting Your Bottled Water

March 10, 2015
 - Newsweek
Water Fluoridation Linked to Higher ADHD Rates

January 20, 2015
 - Natural News
600 Strains of an Aerosolized Thought Control Vaccine Already Tested on Humans; Deployed via Air, Food and Water

January 15, 2015
 - Vice News
Dirty Water is Leading to Obesity and Diabetes in California

November 17, 2014
- ZeroHedge.com
3 Billion Gallons (70 Million Barrels) Of Fracking Wastewater Pumped Into Clean California Aquifers: "Errors Were Made" State Admits

October 07, 2014

September 11, 2014 - by: Ethan Huff - AlignLife
60 percent of China's Drinking Water is Contaminated

July 31, 2014 - by: Carl Gibson
Corporations Are Creating A Life Threatening Water Shortage

July 21, 2014 - by: Ariel Schwartz, Senior Editor at Co.Exist
Should Nestle Be Bottling California Water In The Middle Of The State's Record-Breaking Drought?

July 15, 2014 - L.A. Times
Downtown L.A. is now driest since rain records started in 1877

July 14, 2014 - Daily Mail Online
Fourteen YEAR Drought Leaves Lake Mead at all-time Low

July 2, 2014 - By: Patti Domm
Wall Street To Exploit Water As Commodity Dries Up

June 25, 2014 - By: Jon Rappoport - www.nomorefakenews.com
Fluorides, the Atomic Bomb, and a Spy

June 15, 2014 - By: Sarah Zhang - GIZMODO
Plastic Microbeads in Consumer Cosmetics Pollute Waters

February 25, 2014 - By: Ethan A Huff - Natural News
Harvard research links Fluoridated Water to ADHD, mental disorders

Fedruary 21, 2014 - By: CBS Philly

Study: Nearly Half Of Water Taps May Contain Bacteria That Causes Lioginnairs' Disease

December 7, 2013 - By: Los Angeles Times
Water is Contaminated at Los Angeles International Airport terminal

December 5, 2013 - Environmental Health News
New Report: Unregulated Contaminants Common in Drinking Water

September 30, 2013 - By Keith Matheny
Drugs, Caffeine, Chemicals found in Great Lakes

September 27, 2013 - By Dr. Winn Parker in Columns by RBN

Chloramine Causing Collateral Health Damage

July 28, 2013 - The EPOCH TIMES, By: Associated Press

Billions Of Gallons Of Sewage In NY Waters

July 1, 2013 - By: Joshua Corn
, Guest Writer for Wake Up World
Death By Toothpaste: The Fluoride Myth

May 23, 2013 - By: Case Adams, Ph.D., Naturopath
- GreenMedInfo
Does your Bottled Water Contain Nicotine? How about Pharmaceuticals?

February 1, 2013 - Dr, Joseph Mercola

Harvard Study Confirms Fluoride Reduces Children's IQ

January 16, 2013 - Waking Times
Fluoridated Water - The Ultimate Evil

July 26, 2012 - Natural Society
Major Havard Study Confirms Fluoride Lowers IQ

March 02, 2012 - Natural Society
Toxic BPA Now Linked to Leading Killer Heart Disease

January 17, 2012 - Natural Society
Breaking - Fluoride Linked to #1 Cause of Death in New Research

January 03, 2012
New Study On Fluoride Shows No Benefits and Major Safety Issues

October 12, 2011
Hundreds of Brave Dentists Speak Out Against Water Fluoridation

July 11, 2011
Fluoride Consumption Leads To Brain Damage

April 10, 2011
The Last Word On Fluoride Poisoning

March 30, 2011
Fluoride Spill at Water Facility Literally Burns Holes in Parking Lot Cement

December 24, 2010 - Natural Society
Drinking Water May be Lowering Your IQ and Giving You Cancer

December 16, 2009 - The New York Times
Millions Drink Tap Water That Is Legal, but Maybe Not Healthy

December, 2009 - Environmental Working Group
Over 300 Pollutants In U.S. Tap Water

August 7, 2009
Most Bottled Water Brands Don't Disclose Information

March 10, 2008 - USA Today
AP Probe Finds Drugs in Drining Water

July 27, 2007 - CNN Money
Pepsi says Aquafina is Tap Water

December 9, 2003 by E/The Environmental Magazine
Bottled Water is Neither Cleaner nor Greener than Tap Water

2nd Quarter, 2000 - The Journal of Orthomolecular Medicine Vol. 15
The Negative Health Effects of Chlorine

August 12, 1992, Vol. 268, No. 6 - JAMA - The Journal of the American Medical Association
Hip Fractures and Fluoridation

Website Links & Free Downloads...

ASCE - 2013 Report Card for America's Infrastructure
USDA National Fluoride DataBase (Free Download)
American Waters - An Exploratory Analysis of Municipal Water Data (Free Download)
Official Report - Fluoride A NeuroToxin (Free Download)
Comprehensive Report - A TOXIC FLOOD
(Free Download)
Report - Bottled Water Wastes Resources and Money (Free Download)

FLUORIDE ACTION NETWORK - Get The Real Facts on Fluoride
EPA - Reports on Your City's Water
CDC - Check Your City's Fluoride Levels
EPA - List of Drinking Contaminants
EPA  - Effectiveness of UV Irradiation for Pathogen Inactivation in Water

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In the following video, Dr. Paul Connett, Professor Of Chemistry at St. Lawrence University in New York, gives a damning interview on the history and negative health affects of Fluoride. A must watch for everyone!

In the following video, Christopher Bryson, an award-winning journalist and former producer at the BBC, gives an excellent narrative on the findings of his new book "The Flouride Deception."

In the following video, Eustace Mullins (1923-2010), discusses one of his best-selling books; "Murder by Injection" exposing the unholy dynasty of the big drug companies, the medical establishment, the Rockefeller syndicate, water Fluoridation, vaccines and the evils of the cancer racket that has killed millions in the name of fighting cancer. (28 Min.) (The video appears to have been taped in the late 80's, shortly after Mullins published his book.)

Documentary Films...

Our Water The Great Culling Official Full Movie (92 Minutes)
Water: The Great Mystery Full Movie (90 Minutes)
Fluoridegate Full Movie (65 Minutes)
TAPPED Full Movie (75 Minutes)



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