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  • "Thank you for the wonderful filter we recently installed on our shower. It has made a lot of difference in our daily bathing experience. I will highly recommend this and the drinking filters to all my friends!" -- Nathan Ridgeway
  • "After receiving my shower filter, I coudn't wait to install it, and it took only a few minutes. With the very first shower I felt the difference. My skin and hair felt softer. I never thought the difference would be so noteable, but it was." -- Jenny

  • "I found your website easy to navigate and pleasant on the eyes. But, with so many filter choices I wasn't sure which one to get. Your friendly service and knowledge really helped. We finally decided to get an under the sink Fluoride filter. Thanks." - Robert

  • "Your website really had some good information about the bad stuff in our drinking water, but I never knew much about Fluoride and its dangers. With a couple of little ones in the house, I knew I had to get a Fluoride filter, and I got 2 of them for the bathroom and the kitchen. I will also find some toothpaste with no Fluoride in it. Thanks for the great information" - A Happy MotherSmile

  • "We live in an apartment in a big city (L.A.) and went shopping for a water filter at the usual stores, but was not impressed with what we saw. We wanted a good filter that was also stylish and could be used on the counter top. You had just what we were looking for and ordered a stainless steel unit for the kitchen." - Larry & Wife

  • "A friend told me she just got a shower filter and how much of a difference it made, and that I should get one too. She mentioned your website, and after seeing the information (and a decent price) I was convinced. I guess it pays to listen to your good friends. Thnx Much." - Barbara

  • "I own a small Bistro with most of our customers being college age and health conscious. I wanted to increase business with the idea of catering to the health theme, but wasn't sure how to do it. Then I discovered installing a good water filter was inexpensive, but also made a nice difference in the food & coffee, and even attracted more patrons because we advertise - Only Pure Water Used Here." - Michael

  • "The weekly food budget was getting tighter and tighter, and then we noticed how much we spent just on bottled water alone. So, the wife had a brainstorm and said why can't we filter our own water, it will probably be cheaper. So, after surfing the web we found your site that had good information and lots of choices. We decided to get a kitchen filter and a shower filter. The hassle of recycling is now gone. Nice products and a nice website too." - Carl & Dianne

  • "I travel constantly for my job and can certainly tell the difference in water quality across the U.S. In stead of relying on bottled water, which the TSA will not allow with my luggage, the idea of having my own portable water filter made sense, but are they available and practicable? After searching, I found your website that offers small, sealed and practical filters. I ordered the disposable counter top unit that fits nicely in my luggage and I now enjoy quality water from my hotel room no matter where I happen to be. In my opinion, this is a good solution, but wishing hotels would offer in-room water filters for their frequent or elite guests." - Markus

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