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WHAT'S IN YOUR DRINKING WATER? Are you buying expensive bottled water? You would be surprised! Don't put off improving your health any longer!

With nearly 50% of bottled water being nothing more than plain, ordinary tap water, it's most ironic that many people drink bottled water because they are afraid of tap water or think it's healthier, but then the plastic bottles pollute the air, land and water creating a "Crazy Cycle". Clearly, it can be strongly argued that by far, the cheapest, healthiest-and most efficient-option is to install your own high quality filtration system.

Kitchen Tap Water

If your household is like most, then your kitchen is the hub where guests gather and is where the majority of family activity take place. Unfortunately, contamination of drinking and cooking water with an array of unwanted toxins, chemicals and pathogens is staggering. Did you know the great chefs at 5-star restaurants only use filtered water for cooking?
Without food, most humans will die in a month, if they have water. Without water, 7 days is about it. Water makes up 75% of the body, 90% of the blood, and 85% of the brain.

Chlorine, Heart Disease and Cancer

According to the U.S. Council Of Environmental Quality, "Cancer risk amoung people drinking Chlorinated water is 93% higher than amoung those whose water does not contain Chlorine."
"We are quite convinced, based on this study, that there is an association between cancer and chlorinated water." - Medical College of Wisconsin research team

Considering the verifiable long-term health risks of consuming pollutants, chemicals and industrial contaminants, it makes sense for every health conscious family to equip their home with a high quality water filter. It is simply a GOOD IDEA!

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Using one of our advanced, multi-stage filter systems provides a simple, but effective way to protect your family without the the expense and environmental damage of bottled water.
Pure drinking water is a necessity, not a luxury.

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We select the highest quality products in the industry at an affordable price. We use Crystal Quest® Filters and accessories made right here in the USA and tested for the best quality water possible

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