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One simply cannot see groundwater contamination with the human eye alone.

Groundwater provides drinking water to more than one-half of the nation's population, and is the sole source for many rural communities and some large cities.


Unfortunately, with expanding high usage of nitrogen based fertilizers in the agriculture business, the nitrates from the fertilizers through rain run-off and snow melt seep into the shallow ground water, with a potentiality of unsafe drinking water. The issue is not limited to the nation's "Bread-Basket", as golf courses and private lawn utilization rate of nitrate based fertilizers in urabn regions increases, the risk of nitrate contamination is wide spread.
When nitrates are consumed, they are converted to nitrites, and this nitrite reacts in the gastrointestinal track asserting health risks, especially with infants. Human epidemiology studies suggest higher Cancer risks, and have indicated possible links to disruption of thyroid function, Birth Defects and Hypertension. Although municipal water supplies are monitored for nitrate levels, most privately owned wells are not routinely monitored for water quality. In fact, the EWG and others argue the current EPA standrad of 10ppm is inadequate with no safety-factor.
People who live in the shaded red/orange areas of the below map are at high risk of consuming water with unsafe levels of nitrate, and should strongly consider installing one of our very effective nitrate water filters.

Nitrate Contamination Risk LevelsSource: USGS


In water, arsenic has no smell or taste and can only be detected through a chemical test. Arsenic is recognized as a poison and cancer causing substance(carcinogen). Ingested arsenic is transmitted through the blood stream and may concentrate within the organs, skin, hair and nails. Exposure to high levels of arsenic can cause short term or acute symptoms, as well as long-term or chronic health effects. Long-term exposure to even relatively low levels of arsenic in drinking water can increase your risk of developing certain cancers including, skin, lung, kidney and bladder. It is worth noting that arsenic concentrations in groundwater are often much higher than those measured in surface waters. The most common sources of elevated arsenic levels in groundwater are:

  • Weathering of arsenic bearing minerals and ores
  • Infiltration or run-off from locations of past mining activities
  • Leaching from landfills

People living in the red/yellow/orange shaded areas of the below map are at risk of drinking water with unsafe arsenic concentrations, and should strongly consider one of our very effective arsenic water filters.

U.S. Arsenic Concentrations

You and your family deserve only the BEST protection from unwanted water contamination.

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