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Many gastrointestinal and flu-like illnesses are frequently caused by bacteria, viruses and protozoa that make their way into the water supplies. Unfortunately, these microorganisms can survive in the water distribution systems for months. These microbial contaminants are

Waterborne Microbial Contaminants

extremely small, and even with well operated modern state-of-the-art treatment facilities or with Point-Of-Use multi-stage filtering systems, it cannot be ensured the water is free of bacteria and viruses.

Viruses in Tap WaterOur UV sterilizers consist of a long-life (9,000 hours) UV lamp enclosed by a quartz glass cylinder and further encased by a 304 polished Stainless Steel pressure tube. The UV lamp operates at the critical 253.7 nanometer wavelength (UV-C) for effective pathogen control. The ultraviolet technology purifies the water to 99.9999% bacteria free. The UV-C light disrupts the microorganism's DNA & RNA removing their reproductive capabilities and kills them. The treatment process is immediate with no need for holding tanks or long retention times.
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The general electromagnetic spectrum is shown below.

Germicidal UV Wavelength

The bottled water industry is largely unregulated, varies considerably in quality, places a waste burden on the environment, and may not offer any safeguads against pathogens than ordinary tap water. Fortunately, UV-Disinfection is one of the newest, most effective and unique forms of water purification. A UV system will break apart many toxins and eliminate (kills) 99.99% of the microorganisms without affecting tastes, mineral content or the chemical properties of water. With one of our UV-Sterilization systems, enjoy the comfort of knowing that every time you turn on the faucet, your family or restaurant patrons are getting the healthiest water -- and only water.

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