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From our research and analysis, the compound growth rate of toxic chemicals being introduced into our water supplies as a byproduct of economic development and industrialization, it is more and more obvious the quality and quantity of freshwater sources are stressed and the link between clean water and good health longevity is not arguable. For the paramount reason of promoting good health by simply using clean toxin-free water, it became increasingly important for us to bring the highest quality water filtration systems to the residential and commercial markets at low cost. With the awareness municipal treatment standards have not been updated in decades, our opinion is the declining quality of water will accelerate making it nearly mandatory for everyone to install a "mini treatment plant" in their homes.

In keeping true with our company’s goal to help improve your wellness, we take a comprehensive approach in providing a wide variety of water filtration and purification products that are very affordable, technically advanced and user friendly.


- We understand the importance of water and the connection to wellness and health longevity. We also understand that our bodies are 70% water and that water controls many aspects of our health and wellness. We have done extensive research regarding the health benefits of removing CHLORINE, FLUORIDE and other contaminants from the water we drink, but we also understand that it also applies to an even greater degree to the water we shower in, bathe in, cook with and consume to make soup, teas and coffee.

- We understand there are many different purifiers and filter systems currently in the marketplace, but only Whole Water Wellness has actually tried them, sampled them, researched them, and examined them in selecting only the best in making your water filter selection straight forward and easy.

- We understand performance claims made by some water purification and filtration manufacturers omit important information, obscure it and can be biased or misleading. Whole Water Wellness provides only the unvarnished facts and data regarding water filtration and its effects upon your health.

- We understand State and Federal standards for water safety is inadequate, out of date and do not cover all of the toxic substances that may be in your water supply. We also understand with many different chemicals and toxins being present in the water supply that shouldn’t be there, these chemicals can combine to create more toxic byproducts than current standards recognize. For this reason, we understand that your water supply may be poisonous and the importance of water filtration and purification can not be minimized.

- We understand a customer that is taken care of, is a happy, healthy customer.

- We understand that high performance products, quality manufacturing coupled with affordability and backed by honest service equals an excellent value.

In Health and Wellness,
God Bless,

Brian Strasburg
Whole Water Wellness, Inc.



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